Why us?

  • Providing Parking to emory students for 15 years
  • Convenient to Emory University and Emory Hospital
  • Secure and monitored 24/7
  • Affordable
  • Newly renovated
  • Only 31 spaces

We are located just across the road from Emory University with no more than 10 minutes walking distance from the academic block and the campus.

An ideal parking space for the doctors, paramedical staff, patients and visitors of Emory Hospital since our parking space is located within walking distance of Emory Hospital.

Responsible and professional management staff to ensure priority handling and parking guidance arrangement.

Perfect security and log in arrangements to ensure safety of your vehicle in Parking space.

Very reasonable and competitive daily parking charges tailored to suit the budgetary requirements of students and faculty community.

Availability of monthly and semester deals / packages on special rates for students and faculty seeking regular parking space.

About Us

Finding parking is always a serious issue in our daily lives and this is a problem that each one of us has to face every now and then. It can be even more troublesome when it comes to finding suitable parking space near a busy public utility location (like a university or a hospital). You would always find such public places with filled parking spaces and the irony is that you have to be there virtually every day (if you are a student, lecturer/professor or a doctor / paramedical staff / patient).


In all such cases you have two choices:

  • Be 2 hours earlier than your designated time to avoid clogged parking spaces (that means wasting precious time that you can devote to rest or recreation).
  • To look for a dedicated and convenient parking space where you can securely park your vehicle. Ideally, such a parking space should be within comfortable walking distance from your study or workplace (so that you don’t have to walk long distances every day after a tiring routine at your study or workplace).

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Park @ 1743 N Decatur Parking space is precisely one such parking space that has been designed to facilitate the students, faculty, and visitors of Emory University in parking their vehicles with complete peace of mind and walk up to the university premises in a matter of minutes. Our parking is conveniently located just across the road at 1743 N. Decatur Rd, Atlanta GA 30307.

Membership plans

Monthly Plan $200

Pay just $200 and book monthly membership
at Emory Parking Space

Semester Plan $700

Pay $700 and get huge discount on Semester membership at Emory Parking Space

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